5 Best Meals in Streatham

Known as the trendy alternative to Clapham or Brixton, there is no shortage of independent restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars in Streatham. This linear portion of South London, which locals boast has the longest high street in Europe, is bursting with some of the most delightful, rustic and prettiest places to eat in the whole of London. It would be wrong for us at South London Club not to keep you informed of the best meals to be had in Streatham, so here is a list of the 5 best meals in Streatham.

19 streatham

Serving both brilliant food and brilliant cocktails, 19 Streatham is arguably the best Italian restaurant in all of Streatham. Having only opened in 2016, it has taken Streatham by storm with its delicious sharing platters and wonderful selection of wines, all for a very reasonable price. Beyond wine there is something for everyone, serving a selection of craft beers, and more cocktails than you can shake a stick at. Oh, did we mention that there’s a gorgeous secret garden? Make the most of your South London Club card by getting 10% off food and drink at one of the best restaurants Streatham has to offer.


bar 61

Bar 61 is a family-friendly restaurant that has received bundles of positive feedback over the years for their tapas. We have all received measly portions of overpriced tapas all over London; Soho is the worst for this. But here at Bar 61, there are plentiful portions of some delicious patatas bravas combinations – and who doesn’t love patatas bravas? People allergic to potatoes. Okay, fine, you’re excused. The rest of you though? No excuses.



Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal prides itself on being passionate about its cuisine. The food is fresh and flavoursome, offering a generous selection of veggie and meaty dishes. The all-you-can-eat buffet is not a myth. It is real and wonderful, and priced at a total of £6.95. It’s been going since 1962, the sort of longevity that is testament to their lasting quality and hard work. If you fancy one of the best curries in South London, then get down to Taj Mahal, where you can get 10% off on food while supporting a local business that has become a fixture of the area.


taj mahal interior.jpg


A new and friendly independent in the 'hood (what did you expect?) Hood is a restaurant that exudes charm. Locally brewed beers and handpicked ingredients from a farm in Kent make for some lip-smacking modern British morsels. The masterminds behind this local share a love for community and aim to work with a variety of local businesses in and around the area - so expect an amicable atmosphere.




From the old hands to the new hands, Morisco is relatively new to the Streatham dining scene, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t up to the task of lasting as long as other restaurants in the area. Filling the niche of specialising in paella, seafood and fish, Morisco offers some of the best food that you can bring home and enjoy in front of the telly. After all, is there any food more wholesome than paella? Do yourself a favour and get involved at Morisco, and while you’re at it, get 10% off on purchases over £15 with your South London Club Card.

morisco exterior.jpg

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