Vote on New Deptford Art Installation

Live in or near Deptford? Have your say in the new 'light art' installation on Deptford Railway Bridge. 

The three design's have been created by local artist and Goldsmiths alumni Peter Freeman. Peter's designs were inspired by the culture and technological feel of the area, and he aimed to express the forward-thinking nature of Deptford's community. Deptford Railway Bridge was chosen as the most appropriate site because of Deptford Station's status as London's first railway station.

Design 1 - Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The idea of the 'Rainbow Bridge' is that the colour-changing LED fittings on either side of the bridge will create an overhead projected rainbow effect on the underside of the bridge, while colour-changing floodlights will also create an illuminated colour sign for the High Street. The colour combinations will change from month-to-month, so it won't necessarily actually be the order of a rainbow, in case you have anything against rainbows. We at South London Club have long been concerned about their duplicitous nature - after all, they're not really there.

Design 2 - Birthday Bridge

Birthday Bridge.jpg

Rather than projecting upwards, this design has lights mounted on the walls that project downwards in order to create a mural of light on either side of the bridge. Touchingly, the lights would be programmed to change to colour combinations chosen by local residents and school children to honour theirs, and others, birthdays. The list could include famous people from the area and the aim is to have a different combination for each day of the year. So, if you were stumped for a gift, this could be a rather novel idea.

Design 3 - The Light Loves You Deptford

Light Love Bridge

This design aims to create a 'necklace of light' on both sides of the bridge through the use of wall-mounted LEDs which can be programmed individually. This design apparently celebrates Deptford's vibrant culture, and its connections across the world. Like the 'Birthday Bridge' proposal, the lights will change colour for significant days, such as green on St Patrick's Day. The exact days and colours would be chosen in consultation with local stakeholders.


  • Complete an online survey. Which you can find here. Voting ends on the Monday 26th of June. 
  • Visit the Deptford Lounge, Giffin Street, SE8 4RJ. On Tuesday the 23rd of May, 3-7pm. 


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