6 Great Places To Eat out in Peckham

Peckham has its fair share of places to go out and eat. Rye Lane and its surrounding areas is peppered with eateries of all different styles and cuisines, so there is no shortage of variety, nor quality. Check out our current pick of 6 great place to eat in Peckham, and try not to salivate too much at all of the mouth-watering offerings!


1. Tupi London

Brand new onto the scene, Tupi London is a 'fusion of South American, Italian and European menus that keep evolving with the seasons'. They also focus mainly on vegan, dairy free and gluten free dishes. With a menu that offers a mouth-watering variety of egg dishes and more for breakfast, and a brunch selection that includes such creative numbers as Beetroot & Mackerel, or a fancy yet delicious looking roasted aubergine and kale combination, Tupi's is set to excite your tastebuds and leave you wondering 'why haven't I ever tried that at home'... Located on the iconic Rye Lane, check out there full menu here. Be the among the first to discover this exciting new eatery and receive 15% off with your South London Club Card.

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2. Rosie’s

Peckham based Brunch seekers listen up, there’s a new girl in town. Well, not that new. Starting out in Brixton in 2003, small business entrepreneur Rosie Lovell set up her shop Rosie’s in Peckham in 2015. With a philosophy underpinned by unique dishes with a good variety of vegetarian and vegan options available, this brunch hotspot has taken Peckham by storm. So passionate and involved with the cooking and the recipes in Rosie, she even has her own Tumblr page dedicated to new recipes that is open for anyone to try out. Check it out here. The cafe has an ever changing menu to go with the creative spirit of its owner, so it’s worth taking our word for it (we know you have before) and checking out what’s on offer yourself. Find Rosie’s on maps here.


3. 2 Girls Cafe

2 Girls Cafe is another lovely cafe located towards the end of Rye Lane. Focusing primarily on vegetarian and vegan food, they offer baked goods, wraps, sandwiches and salads served in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. With breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon snacking options, there’s something for everyone and the varied menu is always changing with the spontaneity and creativity of the owners, who are big foodies themselves. Keep up to date with them here, and be sure to pop by at some point to try some of their interesting meals to get you through the day.

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4. Mama Leah’s

With a story that takes us back to Lewisham Market, where Mama Leah’s owner started their entrepreneurial career selling waffles, Mama Leah’s is a fantastic independent restaurant in Peckham. Now based on the Old Kent Road, they produce an array of great food, ranging from burgers, to waffles, to grilled chickens. If you never thought of chicken and waffles as a mouth-watering combo, you’re not alone. But these guys have mastered their craft, and know exactly what goes best, especially when it comes to waffles. Check out their current menu here.

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5. The Habit Peckham

Cafe and restaurant The Habit Peckham is the jack-of-all-trades of Peckham eateries. Catering for people’s needs all round the clock, they have different brunch, lunch, and dinner menus. Try the crushed avo with grilled courgette and poached egg on sourdough for a hangover curing brunch option, or the sweet potato salad, including chilli fennel slaw and walnut salad. All of their food options are creative and made inhouse. Their motto of keeping it “fresh, simple, and seasonal” speaks heaps about this business’s ethos towards their produce. Check out their menu here.


6. The Nines

Set in the heart of Copeland Park - Peckham’s emerging creative quarter - The Nines is a quirky independent cafe set in the heart of one of Peckham’s most creative hubs. With great coffee, and a delicious range of tantalising tapas-like small plates, The Nines is the perfect hang-out spot both day and night - particularly good for those who work from 'home'. Check out their menu here.

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