16 of Brixton’s Satisfying Street Foods

Birthplace of the legendary David Bowie, Brixton is a fantastic destination to discover delicious delicacies and tasty treats. So hop onto the Victoria line and head to Brixton to enjoy these must-try street foods!

Pop Brixton is the perfect place to start your street food adventure, serving as a creative hub for local and independent business to showcase their talent and creations. In this blog, we will be exploring what food options this venue has to offer!

pop brixton south london club

Pop Brixton


Halo Burger

This plant-based burger joint is definitely worth checking out, with veganism certainly on the rise! Menu highlights include their signature ‘The Halo Burger’ and the ‘Smoky Carolina BBQ Burger’. These mouth-watering burgers are a perfect pig out for your summer cheat days!

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Brixton Lambeth Town Hall SW2 - Giclée Art Print

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Brixton T-Shirt


Souvlaki Street

Enjoy traditional Greek food in one of these delicious wraps. Souvlaki Street has found a permanent home at Pop Brixton, serving up pork, chicken and halloumi wraps. With these wraps packed with veggies too, you won’t even feel guilty for tucking into one of these hearty snacks this summer!

souvlaki street south london club

Souvlaki Street



Dublin-born Simon Whiteside has brought his international success to England! This independent restaurant serves the best of British seafood with impeccable presentation that you’ll have to snap for social media. Just a few of these luxury dishes include the Jalapeño and lime ceviche of grey mullet with cucumber, coriander and nori crackers, as well as the Frozen apple terrine with Gin & Tonic jelly and Italian meringue!

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Stud Muffin

Celebrate the British delicacy that is the English Muffin, used to sandwich juicy burgers! This is a great stall to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three) with their breakfast muffins filled with Cumberland sausage patty, American cheese, hashbrown, fried egg and onion jam. Also, check out their brand new Burrata Burger, that’s been so popular that it’s been taken right off the specials board and onto the main menu!


Fulfil your fondue fantasies at this independent restaurant, serving up smooth cheeses to smother any of the small plates on offer. Just a few of these dishes to try include the colourful Beetroot and confit garlic dip with Parmesan crisp and their handmade Duck confit croquettes with plum jam!

alpes restaurant south london club

Alpes Restaurant

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Straight Outta Brixton Mug


Smoke & Salt

With their tagline being ‘modern dining, ancient techniques’, the crisp design of these dishes will definitely match in taste! Smoke & Salt started their journey as a monthly supper club and has since evolved into a modern dining location, experimenting with innovative cooking techniques and traditional food preserving methods. Come and try their Chargrilled Cuttlefish, sesame dressing, chilli Jam and grilled greens and much more!

smoke & salt south london club

Smoke & Salt


L’Amuse Bouche

French for ‘the appetiser’, L’Amuse Bouche’s speciality is French snacks including Crepes, Galettes and Waffles! These talented cooks aim to show off to their customers what they offer with an exposed kitchen station. Satisfy both your sweet and savoury tooth at this hearty stall.

l'amuse bouche south london club

L’Amuse Bouche


Love Churros

If you have a craving for something sweet and crisp, then look no further than Love Churros! Submerge these delicious churros in a bowl of smooth melted chocolate and top with crunchy sprinkles or have then coated with sweet powdered sugar. Founders Rosie and Jake will make sure each churro is ‘served with love’.

love churros south london club

Love Churros


Don Luigi

This vender serves up quality Italian street food, perfect if you fancy being transported to the beautiful country in just one bite! Aiming to create a convenient setting to explore these delicious Italian treats, Don Luigi is serving up the unique arancini, which are deep fried rice balls, and Italian inspired burgers. Try their latest creation, the ‘Rick & Morty’ burger, filled with cheesy burrata, pistachio crumbles and Mortadella, which is a cold cut meat made from cured pork!


Sakeya is an exquisite Japanese fish bar that offers a luxurious dining experience with the convenience of street food! Even though salmon and rice wine is their speciality, South Londoners with a sweet tooth will not go disappointed when they try their Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream!

Viet Box

This independent startup aims to propel traditional Vietmanese food into the modern age. With unique snacks like sun dried octopus and the Lychee Vodka slushy, you are in for an incredible experience that will keep your taste buds guessing!

viet box south london club

Viet Box


World of Wurst

Go around the world in only one day at this gourmet sausage bar! It would be silly not to start with their famous German Bratwurst, but be sure to check out their South African Boerewors too. All sausages can be coupled with a crisp and refreshing beer to wash it all down and start again!

world of wurst south london club

World of Wurst


Mama’s Jerk

Ahhh, just like Mama makes it! These delicious jerk eats are always made with love and passion at Mama’s Jerk. Must tries are their festival favourite Jerk Chicken Wrap and the Jerk Spiced Vegan Soya Wrap. You can also find this stall at Deptford Market Yard.

mama's jerk south london club

Mama’s Jerk


Baba G’s Bhangra Burger

This street food company birthed the first Brixton burger 7 years ago and it’s still standing strong today! They put an Indian twist on some of your favourite savoury snacks, including Loaded Panchos, which are like nachos, but using poppadoms instead! More delicious creations include the signature Bhangra Burger and the Loaded Masala Fries.

baba g's bhangra burger south london club

Baba G’s Bhangra Burger


Other Side Fried

If you have a craving for something fried, look no further than Other Side Fried. Crispy on the outside, yet juicy on the outside, burgers like the buffalo and blue cheese burger are perfect treats to gorge into! You can also catch this succulent fried chicken stall at South London’s own Peckham Levels.

other side fried south london club

Other Side


Koi Ramen

Get ready to slurp up some delicious ramen on your next visit to Pop Brixton at this Japanese ramen noodle bar! Each pork broth takes 12 hours to make so it’s brewed to perfection for every customer. They are also serving up mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian dishes, including the popular Miso Ramen!

koi ramen bar south london club

Koi Ramen


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