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65 Bishopsthorpe Road, Sydenham SE26 4PA


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More than Meat: Alternative To Meat Products Online Shop

Sydenham based More Than Meat makes tasty plant-protein burgers, sausages and ready-meal casseroles for busy consumers looking to reduce their meat intake.

All products are seasoned well and are combined with wholefoods (like herbs, oats and creamy cannellini beans), responding to consumers need for healthier ‘free-from’ foods that are also absolutely delicious.  

More Than Meat products are high protein, low salt, zero-cholestorol lower-fat meals, free of dairy, eggs and meat. They are also better for the environment, requiring less water, land resource and better for animals, giving consumers the added ‘feel-good’ factor for their food choices.

All products are suitable for meat-reducers, vegetarians and vegans. The products are delivered frozen.


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