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Marsh Produce: Farmer's Produce At Local Farmer's Markets

Marsh Produce Ltd. are a group of farmers representing Old Hall Farm, Old Romney (Kent). The Marsh Produce team can be found selling farm-fresh produce at local farmers' markets across South London. Currently operating at the Manor House Gardens, Hilly Fields and Forest Hill farmers' markets, Marsh Produce sell high quality, locally sourced, produce.

We are learning more and more about how significant the transportation emissions associated with our food can be and how these emissions impact our environment. Local independent businesses such as Marsh Produce provide us with the means to make a change and reduce our impact on the environment by cutting out unnecessary transportation. The added benefit, of course, is that you know exactly where your food produce is coming from and who it is being produced by. This means you can talk to the producers, learn about the products and make informed decisions when purchasing your weekly shop.

So whether you already frequent local farmers' markets, or you're keen to start buying locally sourced produce, be sure to check out Marsh Produce at locations around South London!


Manor House Gardens:

1st Saturday every month: 10am - 3pm

Hilly Fields:

2nd Saturday every month: 8am - 6pm

Telegraph Hill:

3rd Saturday every month: 8am - 6pm


Every Saturday: 8am - 6pm


Every Saturday. 


Every Sunday.