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Electric Future Foods


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Electric Future Foods - A Pop Up Restaurant In London.

Electric Future Foods is an independent pop-up and catering service in South London.

Electric Future Foods is a pop-up restaurant and catering company offering caribbean inspired plant based food. Influenced by Hippocrates, their philosophy is Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. They cook delicious vegan food, free from meat, dairy and refined sugars, with the aim of promoting the understanding that the body is electric and requires food of high conductivity to function properly. The food they design is inspired by the owners Carribbean backgrounds – a place where flavour is prerequisite in every dish.

Electric Future Foods is showing how plant based food does not have to be plan – it is possible to eat well and not compromise on flavour! Their excellent dishes, combined with the lovely owners and their great service has received outstanding positive feedback. Electric Future Foods is available for supper clubs, catering and pop-ups. Drop them a message or check out their Facebook for more information on future events!