Pizza Pickup


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64 Peckham Rye, Peckham, SE15 4JR


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Pizza Pickup - Pizza Restaurant in Peckham

Pizza Pickup is an independent pizza restaurant in Peckham, South London.

Having travelled London's street food circuits for many years in the back of a 1961 double-cab Volkswagen Pickup, the Pizza Pickup team eventually came to a stop outside number 64 Peckham Rye.

Using a specialist pizza oven, the designs of which apparently date back to 1503, the Pizza Pickup team have been satiating the good people of Peckham with their Roman style pizzas in the comfort of their first restaurant.

Slightly different from the ubiquitous Napoleatan pizzas, Roman pizzas are built on thin bases, with a thin crust and always wood-fired to perfection.

To drink, expect a wine selection that only a true Italian could conjure. The beers are and soft drinks are equally as delicious - go see for yourself!


Monday: 6pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 6pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 6pm - 11pm

Thursday: 6pm - 11pm

Friday: 6pm - 11pm

Saturday: 12pm - 11pm

Sunday: 12pm - 11pm