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meaka Bears: Charity For Hearing Impaired Children In Peckham

Meaka Bears is an inspiring charity for deaf & hearing impaired children operating in Peckham (and surrounding the areas), in South London. News of the charity and its various activities has spread rapidly across South London and in doing so, has begun to improve the lives of deaf people, particularly children, and their families.

Andre Ferguson, the entrepreneur behind this venture, set up Meaka Bears after his young daughter's sudden hearing loss. With a determination to not let this affect her development through childhood nor his relationship with her, he began investigating and pursuing ways for deaf children to engage with each other, their non-hearing-impaired siblings and their friends. The charity organise activities led by specialists on a regular basis who, using their skills and visual aids, are able to run educational and engaging classes for the children.

Using this existing approach that has been applied to swimming lessons and football training, Meaka Bears will also be establishing regular Yoga and Karate classes for deaf children and their fully-hearing siblings. Again, these will make use of specialist teachers who will be supported by visual aids such as projectors that serve to demonstrate the poses and moves the children are to achieve.

Meaka Bears also provide sign language classes to help communities integrate with deaf and hearing-impaired people, helping those in the deaf community to find work and communicate effectively. There is even some on-trend merchandise available for those who want to show their support for this truly magnificent movement - contact Meaka Bears directly to get your hands on it!

Opening times

Meaka Bears offer different activities at different times, be sure to check out their social media pages so that you don't miss out!

For merchandise, simply send Andre a message with your size and the item you're looking to get your hands on.