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878 Old Kent Road, Bermondsey, SE15 1NQ


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Gringa Dairy: Artisan Mexican Cheese In Peckham

Gringa Dairy is an independent Mexican-style artisan cheese dairy in Peckham, South London. Using milk that is taken in the morning, Kristen produces her cheeses the very same day - ensuring her batches are as fresh as they are delicious. Kristen specialises in three main types of Mexican-style cheeses; Queso Fresco; Queso Oaxaca and Queso Chihuahua. Hugely popular with Mexican chefs across the capital, Gringa Dairy's cheeses are as close taste-wise as it is possible to get here in the UK.

The milk used is sourced locally from British Farmers, which when combined with the fact that many of the traditional cheese-making techniques in Mexico are illegal over here, or at the very least frowned-upon, it makes the task of producing authentic-tasting cheese extremely difficult. Kristen has managed it though, overseeing the whole process from collecting the milk from the farms herself, to delivering it to her suppliers, Kirsten keeps a careful watch over the whole operation ensuring only the highest-quality cheeses leave the dairy. 

If you'd like to get your hands on some to enjoy at home, simply call Kristen or use the booking page on her website!

Opening times

Gringa Dairy sell their authentic cheeses to both local businesses and local people.

If you'd like to buy some, simply book an appointment by phone or via their website as they do not have a dairy shop... yet.