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Little Green Geek is an online shop based in Hither Green


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Little Green Geek - Ethical Parenting Accessories in Hither Green

Little Green Geek is an online ethical parenting-accessories shop in Hither Green, South London. With the philosophy that we don't leave the planet to our children but rather that we merely borrow it from them, it follows that we have a responsibility in maintaining and protecting our beautiful planet so that our little ones can enjoy it as we once did.

With this in mind, Sarah -the dynamic mumtrepreneur behind this inspiring venture- started little green geek to provide parents with both a guide to the do's and don'ts of clothing for children, and with an encompassing shop where discerning parents can purchase clothing and accessories that are free from chemicals and materials that would otherwise damage either their children's health or that of the planet.

Sarah's enjoys boasting about the environmental credentials of her products, and for good reason; each piece is ethically and sustainable sourced (often from organics) and are such high quality that they can be passed down through families or sold on repeatedly, thus reducing waste.

As well as her classic nappy collection, Sarah offers organic skincare products, reusable drinks bottles, sandwich wrappers, plastic free snack/weaning pots, litter-free lunch sets, organic cotton bibs (absorbant & waterproof), breastfeeding scarves, reusable sanitary wear and much more

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