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Bharosa London - Online Clothing, Homeware and Lifestyle Brand

Bharosa London is an independent online clothing, homeware and lifestyle brand based in South London. Bharosa London believes that ethical job creation is an empowering long-term solution to extreme poverty. Following from this, their products are produced by developing communities around the world under a variety of Fair Trade initiatives, ensuring fair pay for their suppliers.

All of their products are handmade and the artisans who produce them are truly world class; resulting in awe-inspiring furniture and clothing complete with a socially responsible chain of supply.

Born from the sights and first-hand experience of poverty stricken communities around the world, Bharosa, and the team behind the brand, are committed to reinvesting in the communities they have been exposed to along the journey. Regular contributions are made to charities providing education, medical aid, food, shelter and other essentials.

All of this work results in a deeply cultured brand, with strong ambitions and an even stronger track record of positive global impact. Showcasing the best aspects of a variety of traditions, heritage and artisanal prowess the world over, Bharosa London is an expressive clothing, homeware and lifestyle brand leading the way in the retail revolution.

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