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148 Lewisham Way, New Cross, SE4 1SX




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Rad Bikes - Bike Shop in New Cross

Rad Bikes is an independent bike shop in New Cross, South East London.

Born out of a hot and fiery passion for bikes, the team at Rad Bikes are unashamedly among the most bike-obsessed folk you will ever meet. They like riding them, talking about them, tinkering with them, learning about them and indeed learning about themselves whilst riding them.

They all have their favourite bikes and know how to get the best ride out of them. Luckily for us -the un-informed bike riders of South London- their leisure fascination inevitably spills over into their work. This means they can't help giving the best, most honest, advice when it comes to bikes. Why? Well, because they know the burning desire we all feel when we just want our bike to be perfect, and they know there are lots of companies out there who simply don't care about you and are just after your money.

The team at Rad Bikes off the polar opposite; they're keen to offer free advice; they will always sell you what you need, not what will earn them the most money and, on top of that, they've always got an ear open for a good bike-related yarn or two and wheel laugh at all your bike-related jokes and puns.

With their motto that "anything is possible" and an ambition to become crazy weathered cycling hacks in their old age, there are few other places you need look for your cycling needs. So get yourself into gear and go confess your cycling dreams!


Monday: 9am - 6pm

Tuesday: 8am - 7pm

Wednesday: 9am - 6pm

Thursday: 8am - 7pm

Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 6pm

Sunday: Closed