The Love Shack


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100 Lewisham High Street, SE13 5JH


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The Love Shack - Nightclub & Bar in Lewisham

The Love Shack is an independent nightclub and bar in Lewisham, South East London. Committed to party classics and honouring legendary disco tunes both young and old, The Love Shack is Lewisham's only, but definitely it's best, proper nightclub.

Clubs are often the places where memories are made (and lost) and often feature in discussions of 'the good ol' days'... In Lewisham, the club we remember is the Sahara Nightclub, which opened its doors in 1963 and prospered for an incredible 49 years before finally closing its doors in 2012.

Situated conveniently on the high street and granted a late licence, The Love Shack is picking up from where they left off, having made a number of investments in the sound system, the refurbishment and extending the dance floor.

Playing all the decades, all the hits and serving up a delicious range of cocktails, spirits and drinks of all kind, The Love Shack aim to be the destination we all remember for years to come.

“Why travel to central London when you can buy a round-of-drinks with us for the same price as a double JD & Coke in the West End clubs? And I haven't even mentioned the taxi fare!“

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Monday - Thursday: Closed

Friday: 10pm - 5am

Saturday: 8pm - 5am

Sunday: Closed

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