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18 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, SE24 9HU


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Vintage 1824 - Wine Shop and Bar in Brixton

Vintage 1824 is an independent wine shop and bar in Herne Hill, South London. Vintage 1824 is an independent wine shop and bar in Herne Hill, South London.

Committed to identifying -and attending to- the finer details that influence the pleasurability of drinking wine, the team at Vintage 1824 are truly unique in their passion, attentiveness and openness when it comes to enjoying wine.

Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a newbie in the wine world, it's never been easier to enjoy a glass (or more) of great wine and then to end up leaving with a bottle or two for some time in the near future. No more badly kept pub wines that have been sitting open for three days. No more confusing labels and strange supermarket promotions. No more hassle. Instead, you can expect to be attended the moment you walk in by an experienced wine connoisseur who will help you to pin-point your favourite flavours and find a wine that matches them.

With cool new technology for keeping wines as fresh as possible once opened, and at the right temperature, you can be sure that the glass you enjoy still has all it's original flavour.

With the aim of building much more than just a place that you can find great wine, Chix and the team have fostered a diverse community of wine lovers from around Herne Hill and beyond - one that continues to grow at pace.

Local and accessible, Vintage 1824 is both passionate and informal, serious about wine but friendly and fun with it. Check out their site for events, tastings and more!


Monday: 4pm - 10.30pm

Tuesday: 12pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 11pm

Thursday: 12pm - 11pm

Friday: 12pm - 11pm

Saturday: 11am - 11pm

Sunday: 11am - 11pm

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