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Beza - Ethiopian Food in Elephant and Castle

Beza is an independent Ethiopian restaurant in Elephant and Castle, South London. One of few Ethiopian restaurants in London, Beza is an intimate, homely restaurant run by a similarly amiable & hospitable character; Beza herself.

Naturally lending itself to the diets of Vegans, Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, Ethiopian cuisine is characterised by turmeric, garlic, onion and an array of delectable vegetables & legumes, as well as the occasional slice of red meat - namely beef and lamb.

A typical Ethiopian meal comes as a symphony of different 'sides', from spicy red & brown lentils and steamed spinach, to sauteed white cabbage and string beans.

A serving of rice & inerja (flat bread similar to sourdough) act as the base components, with everything else piled on top. Expect a warm welcome, deliciously authentic and scrumptiously simple home-cooked food, all to be enjoyed in comfortable & colourful surrounds.


Monday: 11am - 6pm

Tuesday: 11am - 6pm

Wednesday: 11am - 6pm

Thursday: 11am - 6pm

Friday: 11am - 6pm

Saturday: 11am - 6pm

Sunday: 1am - 6pm