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 Toy Box Tots - Toy Boxes In South London

Toy Box Tots is an independent toy box renting service based in South London.

Book themed toy boxes to rent! Less waste, less storage, more fun! Toy Box Tots is run by 2 local mums who realised their children had a lot more fun when they were playing with toys they didn't see every day. So they set up Toy Box Tots - a toy box rental service delivering toy boxes across the UK for preschoolers aged 6 months to 5.

Each of their boxes is based around a children's book, which they bring to life with super fun, stimulating and age appropriate toys and at the end of the rental period although the toys are returned to us, the book is yours to keep. They have also recently launched an Eco range full of sustainable toys that aren't damaging our environment, so if you're thinking of reducing your family's plastic usage, the playroom is a great place to start!









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