Gurkha Cottage


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17 Westow Street, Crystal Palace, SE19 3RY


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Gurkha Cottage - Nepalese Restaurant in Crystal Palace

Gurkha Cottage is an independent Nepalese restaurant in Crystal Palace, South London. Situated on the bustling Crystal Palace triangle, Gurkha Cottage is a relaxed and charming spot to enjoy Nepalese specialities entwined with Indian cuisine.

The team at Gurkha are intensely proud of their culture and heritage - from the beauty of the Himalayan mountains, to the gastronomic excellence imbibed in their unforgettable delicacies and dishes.

The decor is comfortable and colourful, replicating the soft, sun-washed pastel colours of the Himalayan region. On the menu, popular Nepalese dishes such as Momo, Piro Piro Kukhura and sekuwa set the tone, while the chef’s special main courses cater for those after a more authentic experience. You will also find your favourite Indian dishes available. Simply book a table via their website.


Monday: 3pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 3pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 3pm - 11pm

Thursday: 3pm - 11pm

Friday: 3pm - 11.30pm

Saturday: 3pm - 11.30pm

Sunday: 3pm - 10.30pm