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Emaysou Wicks - Candles in Crystal Palace

Emaysou Wicks is an independent handmade candle maker in Crystal Palace, South East London. Having started working with candles as a teenager, where she used to stock the shelves at The Candle Shop, Sabrina, the owner and founder of Emaysou Wicks, has obsessed over candles ever since.

Having been introduced to the sensational relaxing properties of candles at an early age by her mother, Sabrina began collecting weird and wonderful candles from makers across London.

Now, years later, Sabrina is at the head of a successful handmade, London-based, candle company named after her late mother. Offering a remarkable range of scented candles through her website and at markets across the capital, Sabrina's passion, love and home-grown care for candles is evident in every stick and wick.

Ideal for improving the sensual impression of any room in the home, candles can have a significant impact on wellbeing and health.

Every single candle is hand-poured and an eye for detail and discrepancies ensures consistent quality. As simple as the product may seem, the process of making them is long and in many ways a labour of love. Luckily, Sabrina and her team of candlemakers have plenty of love (and candles) to give!

Check out their website to see the range, but you'll only get the full impression when you have one melting away in your home - and yes, you can buy them online.

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