64th & Social


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64 Clapham High St, Clapham, SW4 7UL



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64th & Social - Cocktail Bar and Grill in Clapham

64th & Social is an independent cocktail bar & grill in Clapham, South London. If you've been looking for somewhere to share a meal with friends, imbibe a few cocktails and dance the night away with only a few shots to keep you grooving, then 64th & Social is probably for you.

This diverse venue sees the full transition from a sleek, sophisticated restaurant, to a post-dinner cocktail bar and then further, to a dangerously funky dance floor with guest DJ sets.

Expect a dark, chic interior, delicious main meals centred on steaks, fish and house-made accompaniments, very little fuss and even fewer frills. This is good & honest food, drinks and raucous fun.


Monday: 6pm - 1am

Tuesday: 6pm - 1am

Wednesday: 6pm - 1am

Thursday: 6pm - 1am

Friday: 6pm - 3am

Saturday: 6pm - 3am 

Sunday: Closed