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Languages 2000 - Language School in South London

Languages 2000 is an engaging language school operating at multiple venues in South London. From beginner to advanced level teaching (and everything in between) in French, Spanish, German and Italian, Languages 2000 run classes perfectly suited for anyone looking to begin learning, or expand their knowledge of, some of the most important European languages spoken the world over. Whether you are looking to learn for use at work, at home or simply to expand the mind, Susan, the entrepreneur behind this vibrant venture, teaches classes perfectly structured to meet all requirements.

With an M.A. from Oxford and having run language courses in the City for over twenty five years, Susan’s experience teaching languages is evident in her style. Depending on the ability level of the class, Susan works with students to read newspaper excerpts, role-play holiday scenes abroad and converse with herself and the rest of the class in a comfortable and energetic environment. Susan’s teaching style is flexible and often revolves around requests from the class; happy to discuss chatting someone up in a foreign language, debate world news or to describe a holiday, Susan brings excitement and relevance to classes that were otherwise quite dull back in school.

Having taught students from large City firms such as Norton Rose Fulbright, Linklaters, The Sunday Times, Harper Collins, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Guys Hospital, the GLA and the Bank of England, Languages 2000 is the perfect option for those working in the City to learn a language alongside your normal weekly routine. To check out the full list of courses, dates and locations, visit her website.

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