The Gentlemen Baristas Coffee House


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The Gentlemen Baristas Coffee House,
63 Union Street, Southwark, SE1 1SG


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The Gentlemen Baristas - Coffee House in Borough

The Gentlemen Baristas is an independent coffee shop in Borough, South East London.  The Gentlemen Baristas' coffee house (and it's sister shops) has fast developed into a place where people from all over London, from all walks of life, can come to meet and drink fine coffee. Everyone from students to successful entrepreneurs, actors, doctors and nurses frequent their houses, and the team are only too glad to receive them.

Since 1698, when the London coffee house cemented itself as the quintessential melting pot of political, philosophical and creative debate, independent businesses have competed to serve the best cup of ‘syrup of soot and essence of old shoes’.

Today, the ‘essence of old shoes’ no longer satisfies our discerning palettes, but the vibrant social scene has remained as popular as ever. We opened our doors with the aim to recapture the spirit of coffee houses of old; offering the best coffee, the best food and the best service we can.

This truly is well-mannered coffee at it's finest. Don't be the last to check out this incredible, attentive coffee house and eatery - pop in there tomorrow morning to receive 20% off!


Monday: 7am – 6pm

Tuesday: 7am – 6pm

Wednesday: 7am – 6pm

Thursday: 7am – 6pm

Friday: 7am – 11pm

Saturday: 8.30am – 5pm

Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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