The Village Deli


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1/3 Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, SE3 0BU


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The village deli: Delicatessen In Blackheath

The Village deli is a humble yet impressive deli and eatery situated in Blackheath, Lewisham. Positioned directly next to Blackheath station, this stunning cafe has been serving delicious food at the premises for over 30 years and is well known throughout the local community. One of the few remaining independent places to grab a bit to eat in Blackheath, this wonderful deli is well worth a visit.

The food offering is extensive and is sprawled across several blackboards around the single-roomed space. From pastries & cakes to homemade quiches, scotch eggs and normally at least 6 salad options, the Village Deli has enough on offer to suit any fancy - diversity you simply cannot find in larger chain establishments. All prepared using fresh ingredients sourced especially for their quality, the deli provides food from a variety of cultures with English classics sitting next to Mediterranean stuffed vine leaves and Spanish omelettes. The diverse menu also contains a more than ample selection of Vegetarian, Vegan & Guten-free options.

The team at the Village Deli are a mixture of family and close friends and you get a real feel for the passion and skill that has gone into making the food. Newcomers tend to enjoy the 'honest' atmosphere of this charming place and relish the no-nonsense, efficient service and the inexpensive price range. With some intimate outdoor seating a short distance from the narrow bustling streets of Blackheath village, the Village Deli is ideal for summer lunchtimes, a quick coffee while waiting for your train, or a light bite to eat with friends in the evening.

The Village Deli also offer a catering service for parties and other events, pictures of which can be found on their Facebook page - contact them directly for more details!


Monday: 6am - 9pm

Tuesday: 6am - 9pm

Wednesday: 6am - 9pm

Thursday: 6am - 9pm

Friday: 6am - 9pm

Saturday: 6am - 6pm

Sunday: 7am - 6pm

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