The Bengal Clipper


10% off dinner & 25% off lunch (Mon-Fri)


11 - 12 Cardamom Buildings, Bermondsey, SE1 2YR


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The Bengal clipper: Indian Restaurant In Bermondsey

The Bengal Clipper is an independent Indian restaurant in Bermondsey, South London. Establsihed in 1994, The Bengal Clipper has quickly become one of London's finest Indian dining spots. Mixing art, culture and incredible cooking expertise, The Bengal Clipper is an Indian restaurant like no other and is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic Indian meal in creative surroundings. The interior is comfortable and clean while the walls are dressed with culturally significant artwork courtesy of artists Christopher Corr and Brian Grimwood.

Opening times

Monday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Tuesday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Wednesday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Thursday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Friday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Saturday: 12am - 2.30pm // 6pm - 11.30pm

Sunday: Closed

Telephone: 02073 579 001

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