Phobophobia 13 VIP Press Party Review!

On the 10th October 2019, we attended the Phobophobia 13 VIP Press Party to celebrate 13 years of the London Bridge Experience! It was a fantastically ghoulish night of 13 frightening phobias, including spiders, ghosts, hillbillies, clowns and demented doctors!

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The night started off with a drinks reception in a thriving space with frightening decor of severed limbs and decaying corpses. We were even treated to interactions with real snakes, handled by the incredible people at Reptile Events ( ), where they have over 50 rescued reptiles that they bring to a wide range of events, including spooky ones at The London Bridge Experience!

They also appear at schools to give educational talks about the importance of recusing these remarkable reptiles! It was truly a pleasure to talk to the handlers that were at the event and interact with the snakes, facing our fears!

After the reception was where the night truly began. We were sent into the experience only ten people at a time, increasing the immersion and having the actors focus on you during their performance. The show started off with the group of us being guided into a room where an actor encouraged us to sit in a circle and perform a seance. This was a fantastic ice breaker within the group and the perfect introduction into the creepy happenings that would occur throughout the rest of the show.

After our first frightening jump scare as we awakened the ghost, we were quickly ushered through to the next room. Our journey consisted of an abundance of gore and darkness, with just enough light to see the remarkable detail into each aspect of this event.

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The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs

From the draping and ripped curtains that led us through each room, to the rattling bars on the walls of haunting prisoners, the enclosing atmosphere truly transported you into this world of phobias. There were dozens of props decorating the walk throughs, from decapitated heads to knives coated in blood.

Our next show was with the horrific hillbillies, with their shotguns aimed high. After hastily being seated in pews, we got to watch a shotgun wedding, where the disheveled bride chose two men from the audience to wed in a hilarious ceremony. The actors did a fantastic job of interacting with the audience, always thinking of clever and witty responses to our heckles.

After this immersive theatre experience, the real scares started. This was where the experience was turned up several notches as the pace increased and we were told the actors could actually touch us! As the night went on, it quickly felt like we really were running for our lives!

Each section we walked through had a different theme, from creepy clowns, whose red eyes bore into you, to living dolls who loved to get up close and personal, playing with your hair and chasing you through the maze.

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The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs


Without giving away too many spoilers, what made the experience so uniquely terrifying were the actors and their dedication to their roles, giving us their best performances. The way they interacted with us made us feel invested in the horror and almost made us forget it wasn’t real! They chased us down halls, crept up behind us and blocked our path, making these interactions the ultimate frightening experience.

If you’re still struggling with your Halloween plans, I would highly recommend the Phobophobia 13 experience if you want to be absolutely terrified, but also have an amazing night of top quality acting and tremendous attention to detail. Phobophobia 13 is showing on the night of the 25th, 26th, 30th, 31st October and 1st, 2nd November at 6pm – 10pm. Don’t miss this event and be in for the night of your life!

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